Independent Study

Samuel "Gus" Ruchman

Gungé Docteur Seck (Shadowing Doctor Seck)

In January 2013, supported by the Kenneth I. Juster Fellowship from Harvard's Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Kendra McLaughlin '15 (Visual and Environmental Studies) and Gus Ruchman '15 (African and African American Studies) shot a documentary about and in partnership with Alioune Seck, the head of the public health clinic in Sangalkam, Senegal. Click here for more information on this Independent Study and a preview clip for the film. 

Ralph "Tre" Hunt III

Sygma School

Sygma School

During the summer of 2012, Ralph Hunt '15 interned with alumnus Sangu Delle ’12 at his investment firm Golden Palm Investments (GPI), which is based in Accra, Ghana. After spending several weeks in Accra however, Ralph spent a few weeks at a rural school located near the city of Nsawam (to the Northwest of Accra). Sangu had also established an NGO known as the African Development Initiative (ADI). ADI had recently partnered with Sygma Child School, and it was my duty to evaluate the school and create an evaluation report that ADI could then use to help Sygma overcome its greatest challenges.